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RPG has moved! This is an old link that has not been updated.  Please notufy the linkholder to update their links.
 To view the NEW HOME of all Ruaty's Paintball Gear's custom products, click the link below!
Featuring RPG's Signature Milsim Products, Common Paintball items, as well as Re-enactor gear for every time period!
Soul of the Warrior
Providing the re-created weapons that have formed the souls of warriors from 700 BC to Yesterday!!
 ALL pricing information and product info on this site is out-of-date! 
 Current pricing, specs, and product availability are maintained ONLY on the new Soul of the Warrior website. 
Please order thru SOTW! 
We no longer accept CCNOW payments as they are too slow and their customer service is atrotious.  All credit card payments should be made thru
The Sword is the Soul of the Warrior!

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