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NEW 52mm Reusable Ammunition

Fits all RPG 52mm Launchers


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NEW!! NOW AVAILABLE! PRE-MADE Reusable 52mm ammunition for ALL RPG Launchers!

Kit includes 10 sabots, retainers, bladders, AND paint fills! Instructions included! This is only the "PaintBalloon"/grenade round, though it is simple enough to trun them into buck-n-ball or shotgun rounds yourself!

Just don't feel like dealing with the hot glue gun? Now you have an option!!!!!

1 Case of 10 rounds $50

Buy 3 Cases (30 Rounds) $120

Buy 10 Cases (100 Rounds) for just $350!!!

While we would LOVE to sell you gobs of 52mm Ammo, truthfully it is easier AND cheaper to make yourself! Buy the 10 pack and you will see!

RPG Plans and Instructions for 52mm Ammo still come with all our launchers!

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