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RPG's newest product line!


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Yea, I know, you keep clicking here and seeing the "Coming soon" thing. Well, its still not doen, but here is some pricing info. These are NOW AVAILABLE thru RPG. We don't have the credit card stuff set up yet, but if you are interested, contact us and we can paypal it, or set up custom billing. Sorry for the delays guys! This is just a sample of what we will have:
AEG= Electric guns
GAS= Green Gas or CO2 Guns
SPRING= Spring powered guns

HK G3 Spring Air Rifle: $60
HK MP5 Spring Air Rifle: $80
HK MP5 AEG: $450
HK MP5 SD3 AEG: $450
HK MP5K AEG: $450
HK PSG-1 Tokyo Marui AEG: $700

French FAMAS AEG: $275
UZI Spring: $75
British L85A1 Spring: $150
SAR Galil GAS: $400

M16A2 AEG: $350
M16A2 Spring: $150
M4 AEG: 350

FN Minimi (M249): Email Us
M60 MAchine Gun AEG: $1000

M134 BB Gatling Gun $5500
Mini Gatling Gun $2500
M134 Non-Firing full size replica: $2000

Just to give you the idea!

Email for availability and updates!

BB Gatling Guns??? Yes, I dreamed of those in my youth too. These are chromed custom and AWESOME. Look just like the M134 Minigun that our favorite Governor Jesse Ventura carried in the Predator (tm) Movie!

Totally cool. Totally Expensive.

A paintball minigun???....... That's more of an R&d Question... stay tuned...