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We have a lot of fun on this site, but this is one page that is not intended to be fun. Perrin was friend and colleague of mine. Just a rookie cop doing his job. He was killed my last day on the force (I left for Quantico and the FBI the next day).

My great grandfather, George Matthew Myers, was also a Sheriff's Deputy Killed in the Line of Duty, September 22, 1926. Both he and Perrin now share a similar honor at the Law Enforcement Memorial in Washington DC. I have seen the memorial. It is as somber as the Vietnam memorial with one rivetting exception... the blank walls waiting for names.

So soon we forget the sacrifice that police, fire, medtechs, and soldiers make to insure peace for each of us. Having lost a friend, I can tell you that Cops do cry. I still have a plaque I was given my last day. P.Love is the second from last name on it. It is of course my hope that we never add another name to the list of heros, though I doubt it will happen.

RPG is a proud supporter of C.O.P.S., Concerns of Police Survivors. I have seen them in action. They are simply awesome. For military charities, the Marine Corps Scholarship fund ranks amoung the best, paying for the education of the children of servicemen slain in action.