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Special Offers

Monthly Specials, Used Items, 1 ofakinds, Great Prices!


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One of a kind custom gun!



PSG-98 Sniper/Launcher System "THE ELIMINATOR"

A Tippmann Model 98, Flatline, Field Strip Screws, Elevated Weaver Site rail/handle, Sure-Fire Tac Light and mount, and mounted Tippmann Ordnance TM-203 Break Barrel Launcher System (With RPG Exclusive quick disconnect system- launcher can be removed in 30 seconds!), HK PSG-1 4*40 Scope (quick removable), HK PSG-1 Buttstock (BOTH AS SEEN ON OUR TSG-1!), Polished internals, Removed foregrip, VL Loader, 14 Oz CO2 Bottle, Remote system, Gen 1 Night Vision Scope, Bipod, and Dual Rifle case to carry it around in!

Rusty's personal old system! Simply Awesome! Other extras I have added too, but can't remember all the specs! Field strip screws, bolt actuator, etc. Used, in pristine condition. Complete and ready to run! Just add air and paint! The ultimate SCENARIO paintball system. The Only PSG-98 ever made!

Total Value: $2200.00
Yours for only: $1400.00 Includes shipping.
Cash or PAYPAL only.

Includes a complete set of RPG Plans and Parts, Patches and more!

Only One available! To build another with the PSG-1 Parts would be the full $2200 PLUS labor. Own a piece of RPG History!


Used Equipment Specials:
ATS AT-4 Specials and more below!

WGP FLATLINE AUTOCOCKER! NEW! $700 Limited Time/Price/Supply

RPG 52mm Ammo Kits! $50

Punisher Pistol and Holster (NEW) $150

Powerfeed Emags (new) $1200

**LIMITED TIME** ATS AT-4/M4 SPECIAL: We have access to a limited number of demo model used ATS AT-4 Select Fire CAR-15 Style Markers! Regular price on these is $1050 NEW, now only $700 WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! PAYPAL ONLY (all other forms of payment are just too slow!). 7.17.01 ORDER ASAP! LIMITED SUPPLY!!!! CALL OR EMAIL to save one TODAY! Includes shipping!

1 M203 M16 "Holey" Foregrip. $25

1 Spring Airsoft H&K G3A3 Rifle with 5 HK G3 Spring Powered Airsoft Magazines and one HK G3 toy bayonet, BB's, and sling! $90 An Awesome COMPLETE Set for the German Army re-creationalist!

1 M73 CAPL Shorty- Special order M73 Short designed to be carried over the shoulder as a secondary weapon witgh punch! 12 Gram CO2, 1 shot, 1 kill! Has 2 Tank elims to its credit and is appropriately marked with red Kill Rings! $75 shipped!

These items are cash/check/money order/paypal only, shipping included!

Got an Item you would like to list? Contact RPG for details!

The BEST RPG Deals!


A note on RPG's used gear

We know you aren't sure about used paintball gear, so Rusty personnally tests every piece of it! Guns will functionally work, they are disassembled, cleaned, fresh o rings placed in them.

Firing 50 rounds thru the gun is tough duty... But I do it for my customers... Maybe 100 rounds if it gets fun... Okay, its always fun...

If you would like RPG to sell your used equipment, contact us for details. RPG MUST check it before we list it!


More TSG-98 Pics: