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Legal Notes

All the legal mumbo jumbo


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RPG Products are EXTREMELY realistic looking replica of real firearms. DO NOT carry them in public or in an area where they are not expected. It does not look like a typical paintball gun or device and may not be allowed at some fields(though you should not brandish conventional paintball guns either!). RPG assumes no liability for the end use or misuse of RPG products.

If working on a Do It Yourself project, RPG assumes no liability for injury or stupidity. These devices should not be constructed by anyone under the age of 18 unless under the direct supervision of an adult.

NEVER pressurize the PVC areas of any launcher. All pressure bearing areas of this device must use steel or brass.

Do not fire anything except paintballs and balloons on approved paintball fields during authorized paintball games.

Use extreme caution when assembling the marker.

Always wear goggles and a full head mask when participating in paintball games or firing a paintmarker.

Remember, Paintball is a privilege, not a right.



An excellent set of paintball safety rules can be found on the Paintball Light Infantry Homepage. These Rules were originally written by Durty Dan and cover all aspects of safety very thoroughly.

RPG officially endorses the PLI/DD Safety Rules and encourages all players to follow them

Click here to view the PLI Safety Rules

RPG does not make or provide plans for suppressors(bad guys use silencers, good guys use suppressors) for paintball guns! The fine line of legality they impose is simply one we not only don't want to cross, we want to steer completely clear of it! Sorry if you are disappointed, but I've been there, read the laws, and simply do not believe that paintball guns are exempt. Better safe than sorry guys!

The paintball market is an ever evolving thing, and prices may go up or down quickly. If the price seems off, email us! RPG is not responsible for errors or ommissions made on this website.