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Roman Arms and Armour

Legio VI Armamentarium, an RPG Company


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Be a Soldier of Rome!

Visit the Legio VI Armamentarium!

Visit the homepage of Legio VI Ferrata Fidelas Constans. The Sixth Legion of Imperial Rome.



Supplies, Arms, and Armour for the Roman Reenactor. RPG is a Distributor for several armourers including Deepeeka ( et al. We can get any of their products (Ancient thru Midevil and The American Civil War). This is not our primary business, so there are some restrictions and stuff, but we can generally beat ANYBODY'S price on this stuff!

Email us for details!

Why mix paintball and Roman Recreation?

You're in Rusty's World! I used to be a Civil War Reenactor, but the politics got too aggravating (I was a Federal (Yankee) in Charleston, SC!) Paintball is and always will be my first love, but there are no politics in reenacting Rome (what are you going to do, argue wether Ceasar or Scipio was right?? Gaul will not rise again!)

So it is my "other" hobby. If you like camping under the stars, wearing 40 pounds of armour, getting strange looks, speaking bad latin, and eating relatively tasteless bread (the great great great grandfather of hardtack!). Roman reenacting could be for you!

Plus you are guaranteed to be in demand every Easter for something. It is nice to be loved.

So welcome to Rusty's World. A happy place where computers do what they are supposed to no matter what I type in, a private "Rusty Only" lane exists on all highways, I have a Humvee for cruising, and a tank for those days when something must be destroyed, orders are sent via matter transporter (a'la Star Trek) so they can't be lost or broken, Violence only exists in movies, schools are safe again, there is no speed limit and total body airbags keep auto fatalities virtually nonexistant, cancer is cured, kids do what you tell them the first time, Paintball is bigger than football, goggles are no longer necessary since the new "SmartPaint" will veer around a head automatically, Steak is served frequently with no fat or cholestoral, Doughnuts grow on trees, carrots can kill you, Cable TV is free (heck, DSL is free... its my world) Hockey has no referees or penalties, Work and Play are synonymous, weekends per year are doubled and now occur on Sat/Sun and Wed/Thurday, the 40 hour work week is unheard of, Bill Clinton quit lying, George S. Patton is President, the Department of Defense is renamed the Department of War (though it basically ceremonial as there is no more war.. Patton took over everything), all the races get along harmoniously with no prodding from Reverends, Elders, or National Organizations, and I get to dress up and wear a cool sword or carry a paintball gun with no weird looks.

What more could you want?

If you read all that and agree, the American Psychological Association demands you contact them immediately.

Email me.