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RPG's Old Page
The Big Blue Paintball

What's up with the big blue paintball?


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When we incorporated the new website, we wanted something that could be pointed to to help identify all RPG pages- even those that aren't pure paintball. Well, I like blue paint (truthfully I like all paintballs) but there was a story behind it.

So by customer demand:

The Story of the Big Blue Paintball

In college I commanded Grey Storm, The Citadel Paintball team. We were participating in a recball event and I was leading two squads against an enemy position. I pulled both squad leaders together to discuss a flanking maneuver I wanted to do.

We were in range, but barely. I squatted behind a huge fallen pine tree. I noticed there was 6-7 inches of open space below the tree where it had not fallen all the way, but I thought nothing of it.

Well, as I was talking to my squadleaders the "Big Blue" golden BB fired by the opposition zoomed beneath the tree and struck me in a sensitive area. (My wife would have been pleased)

As luck would have it, the paintball was blue.

So it has become an inside joke.

Welcome to the inside.