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RPG's Old Page
Research and Developement

Help RPG develop new systems for you!


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So How does R&D work?

Got an idea or design? RPG is always looking for new and innovative ideas, the catch is we have to do orders first! Most of our new designs are Commissioned by a player who just has to have his (or her) marker look like a conventional firearm. Since we don't have the capital to do it all, we make the following offer to those willing:

RPG provides the labor and know how, you provide the parts! We reserve the right to the plans and pictures, you get the finished product. How does this help you? The TSG-1 costs $2100 for parts and labor. The original TSG was a commissioned product that the client only paid for the parts and ran about $1350! He was willing to let us give it a shot and saved $750!

So ya got any idea...???

Current projects we would love to do:

AT60 Paintball Machine gun: Apprx parts cost: $1400
AT249 Paintball SAW: Apprx Parts cost $1500

Obviously this offer is only for the 1st person, all others get to pay labor!!!!