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Support FAQ's

Some basic questions... answered!


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This is a little of the TECH support questions I have answered over the last year. This is certainly not all the support we offer, and is NOT intended to replace you asking intelligent questions, but if you are willing to read a lot, here it is! If you have any additional questions, DO NOT HESITATE to email us. We are happy to answer your questions and try to answer within 48-72 hours (sometimes faster!).

Ordering Support:
1. We CAN do custom credit card billing. Email us what you want, we will email you a price. If you agree to it, we set up a billing option on our custom CCNOW page, give you the web address for it. You click on your hame and order, we build it/ship it.
2. We can accept time payments. Payments must be made monthly over 4 months, payment due on the 15th of each month. Your product will not ship until all four payments are received. These payments are non-refundable and must be used to purchase RPG goods. We would prefer you save your own money for 4 months, but we will help if necessary. No interest for four months. If you have to extend your payments over four months, a 2% monthly interest rate (24% annually) will be assessed. Yes it is high. No I do not want to do it.
3. Orders over $1500 will be verified by CCNOW before the order is approved. This is a security procedure you should appreciate as it protects you.
4. To expedite your Check or MO order, email us when you mail the payment, and we will get to work early! In stock MO stuff will ship immediately. Checks generally take 3-10 business days to clear.
5. We cannot accept credit cards over the phone. CCNOW is the only credit card option we have available. Sorry for the inconvenience.
6. We now have a PayPal account (accessible from the order page) for you paypal members.
7. Checks must clear before we ship. In the case of custom orders, check must clear before we order the parts.
8. We ship USPS Priority or UPS. Fedex or next day shipping is generally not available.
9. We do not do CODs.
10. Cash purchases (Check or MO) do not have to pay shipping. Credit card orders and PAYPAL do.
If there is a waiting list, you will be placed on it. Waiting list orders will be billed on the date the order is ready. Orders over 30 days old on the waiting list will be re-verified by us before billing. Custom orders CANNOT be rescinded once the parts are ordered. You will receive an email verifying before we order the parts. This is because we have to order all the parts. You will receive constant updates about your order.
11. If you have order problems, do not hesitate to ask! Also note, some orders are drop shipped and will not have invoices in them.

RPG Weapon Systems FAQs

General ATS/TSG-1/AT203/G3

1. The insertable clip holds, 20 rounds or so (25 can cause a jam, I don't care what ATS says)
2. The TSG-1 has a VL clip adaptor to attach a revolution or order the standard clip (please specify)
3. The Air feeds through the stock by way a a 3/8 NPT Air fitting that attaches directly to the remote. This air fitting comes out the side of the stock at a 45degree angle. It then feeds right thru the back of the gun.
4. The 23 barrel uses more co2 to propel the balls, but does not slow you velocity. You can still set the TSG to fire at 285 or 300 FPS, it just takes more pressure to push the ball out. Tests show that to accurately chrony you should subtract 15 FPS from a 14 ATS barrel.
5. The 23 barrel closes a TSG-1 Group at 75feet from 14 to about 10 (accuracy) with GOOD paint. Cheesy paint is cheesy paint! We recommend RPS Premium for its size and consistency.
6. The TSG-1 is expensive because parts alone run over $1400, and it takes A LOT of time to put it together, dremel the fittings, etc etc. I know it costs a lot. All I can say is when I open the caseit scares me.
7. When you order a TSG-1, I contact you before billing to confirm and discuss what options you want. I can add other items and do even more mods if you like. I will continue to contact you throughout the construction process. Trust me, if I shipped a crappy $2000 gun youd ALL post hate mail all over the internet. It WILL be done right!
8. The ATS series of guns requires some TLC, but less than a real M16!
9. Out of the box, the ATS is the most accurate paintball gun I have ever seen! I have one, I love it.
10. People who order the TSG are WELCOME to ask questions. I recognize the expense and am more than happy to answer questions.
11. Yes, weapons can be disassembled
12. No permanent mods are made to the TSG-1 ATS body.

1. Bipods CAN be fitted to paintball guns AS LONG AS you buy one that adjusts to .83 barrel diameter and have a barrel of .83 or less (brass barrels, carbon fiber, thin wall barrels). Harris makes a bipod adaptor that will fit on the barrel, but it requires 3 or 4 of clear barrel space. .83 is a firearms industry standard size for H-bar or heavy barrels. I find that many guns can mount a bipod with the hardware included in the RPG Bipod. (Which is considerably cheaper than the Harris Bipod) and fits up to a .83 barrel or can mount to either the foregrip, sling swivel attachment, or other forward body part. The RPG bipods contains parts for 4 different mounting methods.
2. Wether or not you use a bipod is up to you. Generally paintballs are not accurate enough to warrant one, but what the hay they look cool and do have their uses!

AT203/TP203 Support

1. The expansion chamber of the AT203 is in the handle, It hides the strangest looking part of the AT203 (on the TP 203 this part is exposed) . The QC sticks out the front of the handle and in essence, screws into the handle. The AT203 loads down the barrel.
2. The AT203 is a 12 gram only device at this time.
3. The firing handle will be tight, but it will loosen up over time. A few drops of oil at the end of the day will preserve the AT203 for a LONG time!
4. Instructions for rounds are included.

Flatline Barrel Support

1. Locktight (241) the sleeve into place
2. Use a rubber mallet to firmly tap the barrel firmly into place.
3. Locktight the tightening screw.
4. Most 98 problems are from a loose screw, sleeve or (most common) the barrel not quite in all the way resulting in a ring that screws up CO2 flow.
5. Use a medium bore paint (I like RP Sherer Premium, and they do NOT pay me to say that) that is consistent. Large bore paints blow in the barrel, and small bore stuff shoots all over the place.
6. Practice, practice, practise. Learn to shoot a bouncing basketball at 100 feet. Best drill I have found!

M72 LAWGiver LE Support

1. The M72LE Body is a LAW style full size model that is out of production. I have a number on hand and have access to a few more, but when the supply dries up, it is gone.
2. The LAWGiver is a limited edition and I will sign them and number them if you like.
3. The front sight looks cool, but is really more of a iron sight than anything else. I drilled a hole in the red plastic to aim with and instructions on doing this are included with the M72. I dont even use the rear sight.
4. The rear does not retract after I do the mods because the valve is in the way.
5. The LAW is 30 Long.
6. Slings have a Quick release buckle in the middle so you can take the weapon off your back quickly and get it into action ASAP. The sling attachments are weak and instructions are included for upgrading them. I also reinforce them before shipping.
7. The LAW is very durable. Dont swing it like a bat into a tree and it will last a long time.
8. The 12 Gram CAN be converted to CA and vice versa.
9. The Ball valve is hard to turn at first, but WILL loosen up over time.

M79 Blooper Support
1. The M79 is a true breach loading break barrel launcher. It is BIG, 52mm opening. 8 Pounds, etc.
2. The M79 runs off a LP Regulator for CO2. The result is an extremely fast reload time. Open, remove old round, insert new round, close, fire. Rounds per minute could be as high as ten.
3. It should be considered a primary weapon, not a secondary one.
4. Rounds can be preloaded.
5. You can muzzle load the M79but why would you want too
6. The M79 Wood Stain can be dark, light, cherry, oak, or whatever you choose.
7. We use Pine, But hardwoods are available for additional cost.

PICS/PASGT Vest Support
1. It is expensive, parts wise and timewise. Add up the costs of parts then add four to five hours of labor and you will see why it costs so much. Plus I hate sewing. The plans are online.
2. Scotch guard will help your PICS last a long time. Also always clean the paint off the gear.

PASGT (Paintball Armor System, Ground Troops) Support
1. The Helmet used is the Tippmann Ordnance Plastic Kevlar style helmet or we can use (at your request) a real US Military PASGT Helmet. The goggles are Spectra Thermals.
2. The JT Fan CANNOT be used as sold, it has to be taken apart and installed totally differently.
3. Camouflaging is not included. Product will be shipped in either black or OD green, your choice.
4. The Talk-About 250 earbud easily mounts inside the helmet. We recommend the talkabouts for paintball players (BUT NOT FOR REFS!!) Refs should buy a decent system that players cannot listen in on! (Pet peeve)

Much of what we do can be done by you. The question is Will you? The stuff we make and do is labor intensive and expensive. I would like to sell the TSG-1 for $1200. Unfortunately I would lose $200 in the process! All our prices are figured on a formula of parts plus time. I know they arent cheap. I know our delivery is slow. And I know the frustration of waiting. BUT, when it comes, you will not be disappointed!

RPG does not do RUSH orders. We tried once, shortcutted the testing process, and shipped two bad launchers out of five (they had small air leaks). As a result we decided NOT to do rush orders ever again. I (Rusty) personally test every single launcher and gun we ship. Its tough duty

We are willing to work with you to develop new systems. Check out the RPG Research and Development page for current details on our R&D offers.

Return Policy:
1. Generally we do not accept returns except for merchandise damaged in shipment.
2. Returns which are accepted for other extenuating reasons will be subject to a 25% restocking fee.
3. Always contact us before attempting a return!

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