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RPG's Old Page
The Paintball Warriors

The 1st SC Detachment of the PLI


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The founders of the PLI and Rusty's Personal Team, The Paintball Warriors were founded in 1999 as a PURE Rec BAll team. We have NEVER played a tournament (as the PW's), and probably never will! We live for the enjoyment of the hunt. Red anodized paintball guns are bad. We peruse WalMart each hunting season in search of new camouflaged items.

Our spouses think we are sick, but they're stuck with us.

We believe in playing FAIR, playing HONEST, playing LOTS, and playing CLEAN! Our watchword is integrity. Cheaters are GONE (we've never had one).

Want to be a Paintball Warrior? Join us on the field as the Paintball Light Infantry, "The Paintball Warriors".



Taking the next step in Paintball Evolution!